Managing Partner

In addition to his role as a founding member of FinalCut Film Production, Maged Magdy plays many roles in the advertising & production world. Maged has produced and directed many TV commercials for clients such as P&G, General Motors, and Mobil Oil amongst others. 

Maged has also participated in setting up and launching the world famous education program ‘Sesame Street’ the Egyptian version. He was directly involved in creating the characters, working on the production and postproduction requirements for shooting the series and has also directed many studio segments in the episodes.

Maged is also one of the most experienced editors in Egypt. His passion for cinema has made him make the move to film editing since 2000, now with more than 12 features on his CV to date. Because of his talent, he was specifically chosen to edit all of Adel Imam’s TV series since 2011. As well as editing movies starring mega superstars in Egypt & the Middle East namely Omar El Sherif & Adel Emam in the movie ‘Hassan & Morcos’ (2008). 

Maged has also directed a number of episodes for the successful sitcom ‘The Clinic’ produced by Final Cut Film Production. ‘The Clinic’ was created by Maged & ran on National Television & Middle East satellite channels in 2008 & 2009.