Managing Director

Amr is one of the most experienced producers/directors in the film & advertising business in the Middle East. He has been working in the field since 1983 and established FinalCut Film Production in 1991. He has since produced and directed numerous films, commercials, TV series & documentaries.

He got his love of filmmaking from his father, the acclaimed feature film director, Saad Arafa. In 2001 he directed & produced his 1st action-adventure feature film ‘Africano’, filmed in South Africa, which was highly successful.

Amr continued his successful film-directing career to include Akher Deek Fi Masr (2017), Men 30 Sana (2016), TV Series Saraya Abdeen (2015), Abu El Nil (2013), Helm Aziz (2011), Zahaymar (2010), Ebn El Konsul (2009), El Shabah (2008), Gaaltany Mogreman (2006) and El Sefara Fel Emara (2004).