Innovative production is in our blood.


FinalCut Film Production is one of the most established production houses in Egypt. We began operations in 1991 & were one of the first production companies to set up in Egypt, the production hub of the Middle East.

With over 25 years experience combined with recruiting younger innovative professional personnel, we were always able to create a team that is capable of working with various international & local clients and creative agencies. 

Because of our history, knowledge and expertise, we are always able to recruit the most professional technical crew to deliver up to expectation production value to all our clients.

We have since produced countless commercials, feature films, documentaries & TV series. We can handle all kinds of projects on a full production basis or as a production servicing facility. 

Through our qualified team, we are able to provide professional production services at the best value for money to all our valuable clients. 

Because of this, FinalCut Film Production was chosen by Procter & Gamble to be one of the two Production Houses on record to handle P&G’s productions in the Middle East (1995-2010). This agreement only ended due to the January revolution, which has affected the production service in Egypt. Today, Egypt has resumed its place as the production hub in the Middle East.

Mission Statement

Value for money is our mission!